mBank closes 2017 with record-high revenues. Last quarter brought good results
08/02/2018 | Press releases   International
In 2017, mBank Group generated the highest revenues in history, with the total income at PLN 4,454 million. Even with the Visa transaction included in the 2016 base, the income went up by 3.7%. The institution owes its results to the organic business growth and offer expansion. ...
mBank licensed its electronic banking solution to a French partner
29/06/2017 | Press releases   International
The internationally awarded mobile and internet banking platform will be offered to other financial institutions outside Poland. The first licence has been bought by France’s La Banque Postale. Accenture is mBank’s strategic partner and will help implement the solution at La Banque Postale. Licences for banking systems and retail banking know-how might be granted to other companies in the future. It is the first venture of this kind in the Polish finance industry.
mBank outpaces competition in terms of mobility
23/05/2017 | Press releases   International
Forrester Research, a global research and advisory firm which analysed mobile banking solutions offered by European banks, appreciated the functionalities and user-friendliness of mBank’s application and ranked it second. At the same time, mBank’s app was hailed as the most convenient and user-friendly.
Mobile payments and many other functionalities in the new mobile app of mBank
12/04/2017 | Press releases   International
mBank has just introduced a mobile app with the Android Pay functionality, the possibility of logging in with a fingerprint, also in the Android platform, and a display of clients’ spending rate to help them control their budget. The design of the app was inspired by users’ opinions and habits. All this to create a mobile tool that meets each and every expectation of its user.
mBank will invest EUR 50 million in new technologies for financial institutions
16/02/2017 | Press releases   International
mBank will set up the first fund in Central and Eastern Europe that will specialise in developing and commercialising new technologies. The Polish bank wants to become one of the leaders shaping the financial sector’s digital transformation. The investment will be of benefit to mBank’s customers who will be the first to get access to the new solutions.
Breakthrough in online banking: mBank’s mobile authorisation
07/12/2016 | Press releases   International
mBank is one of the first banks in the world to introduce the possibility of confirming transactions in a mobile application. It is even safer than SMS passwords and one-off codes, which are popular nowadays. First, a pilot action will be launched for clients willing to try out the new solution.
Poles feel safe in the net and are convinced that they know it through and through. But they tend to forget about the basic safety principles....
23/02/2016 | International   Press releases
An IQS survey commissioned by mBank on safe use of the web shows a marked difference between how we perceive the dangers lurking in the web and our own skills and how we behave when browsing and whether we can actually spot the hazards. The report also identifies the growing role of banks in educating clients on the most newest dangers.
If you don't do it in real life, don’t do it online!
21/01/2016 | International   Press releases
mBank’s first educational campaign concerning online security has just been launched. Nationwide and multimedia initiative aims at drawing customers’ attention to risky online behaviours and their consequences. That’s because, despite the increasing number of devices connected to the Internet, we are not always aware of how to use it safely.