Poles feel safe in the net and are convinced that they know it through and through. But they tend to forget about the basic safety principles....
23/02/2016 | International   Press releases
An IQS survey commissioned by mBank on safe use of the web shows a marked difference between how we perceive the dangers lurking in the web and our own skills and how we behave when browsing and whether we can actually spot the hazards. The report also identifies the growing role of banks in educating clients on the most newest dangers.
If you don't do it in real life, don’t do it online!
21/01/2016 | International   Press releases
mBank’s first educational campaign concerning online security has just been launched. Nationwide and multimedia initiative aims at drawing customers’ attention to risky online behaviours and their consequences. That’s because, despite the increasing number of devices connected to the Internet, we are not always aware of how to use it safely.
mBank crowned with laurels once again at a global competition organised by Efma
29/10/2015 | International   Press releases
In an international contest organised by Efma and Accenture for the most innovative banking projects, mBank was once again among the best banks in the world.
Record high income from core activities of mBank Group and 5 million clients
29/10/2015 | International
In Q3 2015 mBank Group generated a net profit of PLN 319.5 million up by 44.4 % quarter on quarter. In three countries mBank is already serving 5 million clients.
mBank has one million active users of mobile banking
13/08/2015 | International   Press releases
By phone or tablet, via an application or a light transaction service - this is how mBank clients use mobile banking. Their number is still growing and has just exceeded one million.
mBank wins another Celent Research award
27/03/2015 | International   Press releases
For the second consecutive time mBank was among the winners of the international Model Bank Awards competition organised by Celent, a global consulting firm. This year experts appreciated mBank’s insurance sales model.
mBank the best again: light outlets and mobile application awarded
12/02/2015 | International   Press releases
mBank was once again internationally recognised, as it was named the “Best of Show” in this year’s edition of the Finovate conference for the project of modern light banking outlets. Users appreciated also the mobile application of the bank, which received an award during the Mobile Trend Awards 2014 gala.
mBank from Poland. The icon of mobility
07/11/2014 | International
mBank is called an icon of mobility – it was the first internet bank in Poland. It is currently one of the largest and fastest growing financial institutions in the country and is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. ...