mBank introduces a new format of outlets and invests in a redesigned sales network

mBank launches the project of light, ultra-modern banking outlets in shopping centres, equipped with touch screens with Kinect technology. It is a part of a complex project of redevelopment of the sales network scheduled for a few years, consisting in separating of redesigned branches and advisory centres from the current structure. The Bank plans to invest more than PLN 70 million in the project over a couple of years, and the network reorganisation will bring savings exceeding PLN 50 million annually.

The mBank sales network of 178 outlets will be divided into two types of locations according to mission. In the shopping centres light branches will be located to provide quick and effective service in the basic scope. On the other hand advisory centres will be located in office buildings to guarantee clients necessary space to discuss finances at length.

A debut light outlet of mBank has just been opened in Manufaktura in Łódź. The first advisory centre has been operating in Szczecin since June 2014.

Investment regarding the bank's sales network, planned to 2018 will result in an optimal adaptation of the bank's branches to the needs of a modern - and often mobile - client. It will also enable mBank to get closer to its clients, and thanks to well-selected locations, to provide services on more convenient terms. The project worth more than PLN 70 million will not only translate into an increased client acquisition, but will also bring savings of more than PLN 50 million annually, also because of cost-effective management of leased office space.

- The project of the sales network redevelopment is the first such a thorough strategy on the banking market which answers the question about a right direction in reshaping banks' outlets to satisfy clients' preferences and keep up with mobile trends - says Jarosław Mastalerz, Vice-President of the Management Board, Head of Operations and IT. - Today an average client executes daily transactions by himself, and visits a branch to handle specific issues. These operations differ in character, duration and complexity. This is why the bank decided to create two types of outlets with a various mission. We are certain that this model will work - adds Jarosław Mastalerz.

- mBank has gained experience in locating its outlets in shopping centres for several years. In the last years, a few various branches serving both corporate and retail clients were opened. The collected data clearly shows that trade has moved to large shopping centres, where clients do not only like to shop but also handle minor banking issues - explains Cezary Kocik, Vice-President of the Management Board, Head of Retail Banking. - After we moved one of the bank's outlets to such a shopping centre, the number of bank accounts opened at that branch almost doubled within a year, and the number of meetings with clients increased by 80% - adds Cezary Kocik.

The light outlet of mBank is a novelty because of its format and applied technological solutions. Clients are to be attracted by ultra-modern, interactive screens with Kinect feature (responding to touch) – absorbing potential clients - and video-walls which revolutionise the way of offer presentation in banking outlets (clients will browse through the offer by touching the screen; cameras installed above the screen will help to customize the offer).

mOkazje which may come in handy for shopping will be one of the products available in the offer presented in shopping centres. Thanks to this unique discount programme clients may save money when shopping. Discounts are calculated automatically once the client selects an offer he is interested in, and bargains combine with other discounts at shops and service providers.


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